1 Year Standard Part Warranty

30 day return policy

Parts may be returned for any reason, providing you meet the requirements below. Parts being returned MUST be in original condition with nationwide markings. No returns on cuts or special orders. Parts sold “as is” are non-returnable. Parts that are ordered wrong or incorrectly are subject to a 25% restocking fee.

We do not cover any labor charges for installation, removal or repair of any part.

1. Engine & Transmission Part Warranty

  1. Engines and Transmissions with less than 100,000 miles from our stock are covered for 1 year from date of purchase, unless otherwise noted.
  2. All Engines & Transmissions from our stock not covered by our 1-year warranty come with a 6-month limited warranty, unless otherwise noted.
  3. We may leave accessories on engines for your convenience, but only short block and heads are warrantied.
  4. Engines are sold as long blocks with cylinder heads.
  5. Bolt on accessories are not covered on our warranty unless stated on the invoice.
  6. Part must be installed by a state licensed repair facility.
  7. All fluids, gaskets, and timing belts must be changed at time of purchase.
  8. Proof of routine maintenance and proper installation must be presented at time of claim.
  9. Nationwide stamp & heat tab intact must be on all engines and transmissions at time of sale and return.
  10. Any Engine or Transmission that has been taken apart or tampered with voids all warranty.

2. All other mechanical parts come with a standard 6 month part warranty.

  1. Under the terms and conditions of sections 1 through 4 of this page.

3. Other Terms and Conditions

  1. Parts may only be used for private use unless otherwise stated on customer invoice.
  2. Commercial applications are not covered by our warranty.
  3. Misused, abused, or modifications of a vehicle or parts voids all warranties.
  4. Parts sold outside the United States are not warrantied.
  5. Parts sold “AS IS” are not covered by any warranty.
  6. Any insurance claim, accident, fire, theft, flood, or any circumstance other the normal use of a vehicle voids all warranty.
  7. Parts must be returned to us, at customer’s expense for any warranty.
  8. Warranty is non-transferable.
  9. No warranty will be honored unless part has been paid in full including taxes and shipping fees.
  10. Customer agrees to cover all costs associated with the collection of funds for unpaid invoices including legal fees, court fees and interest.
  11. Any customer whose funds do not clear at the time of purchase, for any reason voids all warranties, even if funds were made available at a later time.
  12. Customers in bad standing (overdue on their account, account has been closed, etc.) will have no right to any warranty, on any invoice, or any part, for any reason.

Important Notices

  1. All invoices must be signed by purchaser at time of sale or delivery for warranty to be valid.
  2. Refunds will be in the form of a company check, credit card, or PayPal depending on method of payment, at our discretion.
    Parts not listed above are not covered by any warranty.
  3. No refunds or exchanges will be given until customer’s funds have cleared our bank.
  4. $25 bank fee on all returned checks

4. Disclaimer

  1. Nationwide Auto Recycling Inc. makes no representation, no warranty expressed or implied, as to the safety or fit of any used auto part. Purchaser acknowledges used parts may have been changed, altered, or failed without our knowledge. Purchaser assumes all risk or damage to vehicle or person including injury or death which may result in the installation of any used auto part.

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