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Used Radiator Maintenance Tips

December 27, 2021


A car’s radiator is an important part of the engine. It’s used to keep the car from overheating. Therefore, when you’re searching for used parts for your car, buying a used radiator can save you a lot of money.

However, there is a great demand for used car radiators and so knowing what you’re looking for can ensure you get one that will keep your engine cool and running great for many years. Overheating will cause the oil to turn to sludge, which will eventually cause the pistons to freeze up and this will in turn cause engine failure.

But once you install a used radiator in your car’s engine, you should know the best ways to maintain it for longevity. Below you will find different tips you can use to maintain your used radiator.


Keeping Watch on Your Coolant

It’s so easy to forget about checking your coolant levels. However, failure to do so can do more harm than good and the trouble always starts when you least expect it. Your radiator should always be almost full of coolant. The best time to check this is when you’re checking your oil levels and you can top it up then.

The recommended mixture is 50-50 water and coolant. If you’re not sure how to mix the two, check your mechanic. However, you should always ensure you use the required coolant recommended by the manufacturer or your mechanic. You should also keep the cap of the radiator tightly closed.


Regularly Flushing Your Radiator

Whenever you buy used parts for your car, it’s essential to have a schedule to check that each part works properly, especially the radiator. You can do a yearly flush of the coolant from your radiator to get rid of dust and any other deposits or buildups that can clog the radiator over time.


Check for Leaks

Fluid leaking from any vehicle is not a good sign. However, if you see your radiator is leaking coolant, this may cause your engine to overheat. Some signs that your radiator is leaking are:

  • Overheating engine
  • Constant drop in your coolant levels
  • Discoloration on or around your radiator

If you notice these leakages under your car, and you act quickly, you’ll save your engine.


In Closing: Buying Your Used Radiator

Before learning about maintaining your used radiator, the first step is to ensure that you’re buying it from a reputable used parts store. Doing so will ensure that you get a good radiator for your vehicle.

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