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Car Maintenance Tips for Spring

April 8, 2022

By spring, drivers should be much more aware of the maintenance needs of their vehicles and how to increase performance and longevity. The spring is when your car starts to do all those things you didn’t think about before winter. It starts to run cooler, oil pressure drops, and coolant temperature increases, making for a few routine care challenges next season.


The following are essential car maintenance tips for spring:

1. Dipstick

It’s a good idea to check the oil level before each trip. For many, a quick dip of the stick is sufficient to understand how well the oil level is maintained. The dipstick should have three lines: one for cold, one for hot, and one in between. The fine line represents low or below oil levels, and you need to add oil quickly if this occurs.

2. Antifreeze Addition

Antifreeze has potential benefits in many areas, including freezing protection and engine cooling. But it can also reduce horsepower and cause poor idling, so always add antifreeze according to your manufacturer’s recommendations carefully follow his guidelines.

3. Check Suspension And Alignment

Regardless of the type of vehicle, you need to check your tires for wear and tread depth.
If you have suspension problems, you may want to consider a new set of shocks. This simple maintenance task will make your car ride better, reduce wear and keep your tires in better shape than driving around on worn-out rubber. Also, this will increase fuel efficiency since all vehicles will improve mileage with new shocks.

4. Brakes

Most people tend not to think about their brakes until they engage them and find they are grinding to a halt. It is not good news because worn-out brake pads or shoes can have significant consequences. The result is a reduction in braking power which could certainly be fatal in an emergency. Also, it’s a good idea to check the brake fluid level frequently, mainly if you haven’t driven for some time.

5. Battery

It’s always a good idea to check the battery at the start of spring. While many don’t think of it, batteries need to maintain their sets and make sure they get fully charged. Most battery manufacturers offer an extended service agreement that makes it easy to save money on your battery maintenance.

6. Advice On Washing And Waxing

The whole idea of washing your car is to remove the dirt and grime that accumulates over time and makes your surfaces less efficient in absorbing water, decreasing fuel efficiency.


If you want a better winter, the best thing to do is to ensure that you have good top-quality maintenance around your car in the spring. Know how often your vehicle needs to be serviced and know where they are going.

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