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DIY Car Maintenance You Can Do At Home

April 28, 2022

There are plenty of DIY car maintenance things you can do to keep your looking and running great. Here are 8 car maintenance tips you can right at home. 

1. Shake Your PCV Valve

The PCV valve is a device that drains excess gas out of your car’s fuel system. When it gets dirty, oil and dirt can enter the system, which can cause problems with your car (like poor fuel economy). If you have a professional car wash, get it cleaned periodically to help keep it clean.

2. Change Your Coolant Regularly

Your coolant needs to be changed regularly, so it stays properly diluted. If you notice water in your coolant reservoir, it’s time to change it. If the level gets below the expansion tank, you risk over-pressurizing your system. Changing the coolant is one of the car maintenance you can do at home with a few supplies. However, if you have an oil change coming up soon, do it beforehand because the coolant isn’t compatible with oil.

3. Replace Engine Air Filter

This is a DIY car maintenance task you can do at home. Your car’s air filter keeps dust, dirt, and other debris out of the engine. If you can see the light through it when you hold it up to the sun, it’s time to change it. A clean filter will increase your gas mileage and make your car run smoother. You can find an air filter in auto parts stores and change it in just a few minutes.

4. Replace That Broken Antenna

If your antenna has snapped off or is broken, you can fix it by getting a replacement. If you have a broken wire and want to splice it, you’ll need a soldering iron and some solder. It takes about five minutes to solder the wire back together.

5. Check Your Battery Health

A lot of people think car batteries last forever. Unfortunately, that’s not true. Batteries have a lifespan of around four years, and then their performance starts to decrease. If you notice your battery isn’t holding a charge very well, it’s time to replace it. You can do this yourself, even if you don’t have any tools, just by finding a battery that fits.

6. Replace Your Cabin Air Filter

Your air conditioning system draws air that’s filtered through the cabin filter. If it’s clogged, your car will be less efficient, and you’ll have a tougher time getting comfortable on hot days. You can replace it yourself by finding a cabin filter in auto parts stores or doing a quick search online. It takes about 10 minutes to change it, and you don’t even need any tools.

7. Replace Your Windshield Wiper Blades

This DIY car maintenance task is easy to do at home. Your windshield wipers keep the inside of your car well-lit and dry. If they’re not working at their best, your visibility will be bad, and you’ll have trouble seeing the road. You can replace them yourself in about five minutes.

8. Replace Brake Fluid

While you can’t perform a complete brake fluid without the help of a mechanic, you can do a fluid swap on your own. Most vehicles need a brake fluid change every four years, however, it can also depend on the number of miles and the vehicle. 


Try these DIY car maintenance tips if you haven’t already! 

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